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Useful resources for Marketing Music in the digital age

Friday, January 7th, 2011

For those who may go the route of marketing their own music. Some really good resources… bare in mind a lot of these people on this blog are friends with each other so a lot of them offer similar advice and services. It’s pretty reflective of the nature of the industry, these are internet based business organisations and such which target those in the music industry, by folks that live and work within the framework of that lifestyle.

Mobile Phones + The Future Of Artist/Fan Interaction?

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

So for my first blog as new FLA person, here’s some stuff I found interesting.

So basically Barry Donegan, front man and general business brain of American hardcore / ‘info-punk bandband ‘Look What I Did’ has partnered up with an unpublished entity with some money to create what he hopes will work towards creating an app for the mobile phone which will change the industry forever. If you think ‘PUNK’ aesthetic and ‘THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE KIDS’ Then you’ll get where he is coming from.

They are open to artists testing it as it is in BETA testing mode right now… they havn’t even gone live with it. This is the kind of thing massive companies are going to try and take control of to win in the music industry most likely, int the not too distant future, I guess maybe if you get in with a tiny organisation like this you stand a better chance of getting a good solid fun working relationship with your app + it’s designers / admins than if you do it through¬† huge company… anyway, I’ve signed up my band so maybe your into that sort of thing and or interested in the future of things…

It’s pretty underground too so if your into being first there / ahead of the pack etc then go check it out. I told them I was starting here at Northbrook and they were really positive so I think it’s a good thing to do if you are into the technology etc… If you like these sort of ambitious, entrepreneurial ventures then you should definitely leave a comment in the box down the bottom of the page to LET ME KNOW. Andy

This an app for the iPhone / Smart phones which is designed to be used by songwriters etc to discover / create / play along with chord structures which you might not be able to play yourself with your hands on the piano.

I would use it also maybe to try out your new melody you are humming / playing in your head / computer etc and see if your melody fits with some chords etc. I know a chap who is a composer that submitted a piece for the young compser of the year awards and also gets things performed regularly in Norway and other places internationally. Basically he told me it was good so yeah… go check it out. And if you have any other ideas as to how it might be useful then let me know down there in the comments box! Sweet

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Thursday, January 6th, 2011


Hi, My name’s Andy and I’m standing in for Sev while she’s off ‘being a mum’ as she put it. I’m gonna be updating the blog and stuff for the next few days… I’ll begin by posting some interesting stuff I’ve found recently. I’m really keen to hear from students / tutors / random individuals about what the reactions are to things I post. If your interested in what I post or have any elaborations / opinions etc etc about any of the stuff then feel free / welcome / ENCOURAGED to do so. At the bottom of each post is the option to post a response… please do so.

Equally, if there’s anything you want me to post or that you want everyone to know about I can also do my best to get that heard too.


Andy Halliday